Hey everyone, this is first and foremost an art blog, but I wanted to encourage everyone to check out these two kickstarters my friends and I are participating in!


Monsters of the Deep is a black & white zine featuring over 60 artists including my friends: Jon, Leonard, Erin, Matt, Kirsty, Grace, Evyn, Tom, Meagan, Jabari, Hana, Alex, and Daniel! We’ve made $424 and have 27 more days to reach our goal of $1,500! You can view some of the other work through their blog:


I’ll also be participating in the Fifth Element artbook! If the project gets funded then 76 super talented people will dedicate 156 pages of art to a great movie. We’ve made $2,208, but still need to reach $13,000 in 30 days! You can view all the participating artists on the kickstarter page

I’m so excited for these and it would be tremendous if we could get them funded! Thanks to everyone for at least checking these out!